2021 Sale Bulls

Catalogues were mailed out on February 5th. 

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Lot 1 PBR 1G - March 15, 2019
Good balance, muscle, and soundness describe 1G. From a hard-working cow family with size and milk.
Lot 2 PBR 3G - March 14, 2019
3G & 4G are twins, both raised on their dam. 40B is big, very quiet, and extremely sound. Her dam 44T is still with us.
Lot 3 PBR 4G - March 19, 2019
4G is a little smaller than his brother, but he had a big of a rough go at the start. Same genetics, should produce every bit as well.
Lot 4 PBR 8G - March 20, 2019
8G is a smaller framed bull but complete. Good balance, good muscle, and from a good milking 10 year old cow.
Lot 5 PBR 12G - March 22, 2019
A deep bodied mossy coated bull. Lots of muscle definition. His dam is a light-coloured, good milking, young cow.
Lot 6 PBR 18G - March 24, 2019
A real top prospect from a very good cow family - muscle, light-coloured, balance, and soundness. His dam, 121W, is a big, light-coloured, top-milking cow.
Lot 7 PBR 21G - March 22, 2019
Lots of length and balance, good length of hip and light-coloured, sound. Dam is a medium-sized cow, good disposition, and a very good udder. Not registered.
Lot 8 PBR 23G - March 27, 2019
A ton of thickness and body along with muscle and balance. The 50Bs have super dispositions and lots of growth. This is a very sound bull.
Lot 9 PBR 24G - March 27, 2019
24G is a moderate frame, but exceptional capacity, clean front, and good muscle pattern. 145B is one of the top producing cows at Pine Butte.
Lot 10 PBR 27G - March 28, 2019
27G is one of our top bulls for performance. He is a big-bodied, long bull with a lot outcome. His dam is a top producer still going strong.
Lot 11 PBR 49G - April 3, 2019
Another 50B son, same length, good balance, and a clean front. 50B definitely stamped his offspring, similar body style, growth, and an excellent disposition.
Lot 12 PBR 55G - April 4, 2019
Another nice, good-haired 50B son. Same stamp, length, pigment, and soundness. A very prolific cow family.
Lot 13 67G - April 6, 2019
A thick, good-haired bull from a first calf heifer. Her 2nd calf is a stand out. Excellent, long-lived cow family.
Lot 14 PBR 70G - April 6, 2019
One of our top bulls. Super disposition, a ton of yellow hair, volume, muscle, and his dam is a big, yellow cow. A top prospect.
Lot 15 PBR 135G - May 20, 2019
A very nice, young bull with a lot of growth and style. He is well-balanced with a lot of muscle. Lots of potential.
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Lot 2 PBR 3G - March 14, 2019

3G & 4G are twins, both raised on their dam. 40B is big, very quiet, and extremely sound. Her dam 44T is still with us.

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