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Thank you!

It is an absolute pleasure to be involved in the cattle industry and to have such incredible support for our program. We are constantly striving to meet your needs. 


A special thank you to
our 2022 buyers

Mike Bayliff
Douglas Lake Cattle Company
Dallas Earl
Bob Marshall
Frolek Cattle Company
Ardill Ranch
Seasonal update

I'm sorely behind in my updates. My apologies!

2022 saw a beautiful wet spring which made for a great first harvest, followed by a dry summer that quickly turned to drought and grasshoppers wiping out our fields and pastures.

We took down our old barn this summer. It was sad to see it come down - it was completed in 1895 - but the building wasn't restorable. What remains is part of a beautiful old rock wall that we're going to start restoring in the spring.

Winter came early and we've had a fair amount of snow so far. Already looking forward to spring!

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Our Business is Bull Business

Spring 2022

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