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2020 Sale Bulls

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Lot 1 - 13F
A stout made bull, lots of thickness and body. His dam is a big, light- coloured, quiet cow.
Lot 2 - 20F
20F is smaller framed. He is the last calf from a good producing older cow.
Lot 3 - 29F
A long-bodied, good quartered bull from one of our top producing cows. His sire is a big, light-coloured, good- moving bull.
Lot 4 - 34F
Tremendous volume from a heavy-milking, sound, never-miss cow. Full brother in the yearling pen.
Lot 5 - 35F
A thick, moderate-framed bull from a good producing cow. Good disposition.
Lot 6 - 51F
A bigger framed bull. Lots of pigment, length, and thickness. A top producing cow. This is a herd bull.
Lot 7 - 57F
A good, growthy, light- coloured bull from a consistant producing cow. Good thickness and balance in 57F.
Lot 8 - 58F
A thick, heavy bodied bull from a top producing, good-uddered cow. She has one of the best yearling heifers at home.
Lot 9 - 85F
Tremendous growth from a very prolific family, good udders, longevity, and top producers. Lots of potential in this bull.
Lot 10 - 89F
A smooth made, clean- fronted bull from a good- producing LBH cow. Lighter birth weight.
Lot 11 - 109F
A thick, long, moderate framed bull. Very good disposition. His dam raised twins in 2019.
Lot 12 - 115F
Another moderate framed, strong-topped bull from an excellent producing older cow.
Lot 13 - 119F
A good, long bull with a very good quarter. His dam is a trim, good milking young cow.
Lot 14 - 132F
A clean-fronted, well- balanced , good-muscled, attractive bull. Excellent disposition.
Lot 15 - 138F
A very attractive light- coloured bull, tremendous muscle pattern. Dam is a very good uddered young cow.
Lot 16 - 141F
Another light-coloured, balanced bull. A very good top and thick hind quarter. Dam is a big, good milking, very sound cow.
Lot 17 - 157F
Not registered. A growthy May bull that is doing very well. The old cow is still here.
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